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Tsubir 10-21-2021 11:57 AM

[UI Mods] A few simple visual mods
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Hi there,

I thought I would drop a few visual mods I created and have been using 100% of the time while playing, in the event others would also enjoy them. This is just how I enjoy playing the game. No expectations that others will! Some are forum attachments, others are links to Dropbox.

The first mod up-ends how the rarity of items is displayed. Borders/outlines of items now represents rarity, as well as altering colors of associated text.
I created this one as I have become too used to rarity tiers from various other games, but also found myself pausing to double check items as the default rarity colors sometimes overlap with component slot colors/types ie. Uncommon and Light Components etc.

- Rarity of items is now displayed as a colored border around each item.

- Rarity colors have been altered to the following:
-- "Normal" is now Dark Grey
-- "Common" is now White
-- "Uncommon" is now Green
-- "Rare" and "Very Rare" are now medium Blue
-- "Elite" is now a dark Purple
-- "Artifact" is Pink
-- "Legendary" is now Orange

- Light, Medium and Heavy components have had their slot indicator/triangles at the bottom, moved to the top left of the item graphic/s.
(as border colors now represent Rarity.)

- The Socket graphic overlay which appears on socketed items has been reduced in size and moved to the top right of the item graphic/s.
(it should no longer stack on top of the green plus/better item overlay.)

- Items with empty socket/s have had their empty socket description "1 empty chip socket" etc text color changed to Cyan for clarity.


The second mod is a tiny change, which changes the yellow X on items that aren't quite usable, to red.
It can be seen in the screenshot above if you look carefully.


The third mod is just a font change :D I find it bolder, easier to read with tighter spacing overall.

The font mod is too large to attach, so I am hoping this Dropbox link will work 8)

Note: Does include a few changes to RelationsMain.mnu to re-align some misplaced text due to the font changes.

The fourth mod is another font change to the OpenDyslexic font
Small item tooltip:
Large item tooltip:
Relations screen:
Chat/Events log:

Mod link:

Note: Does include a few changes to RelationsMain.mnu to re-align some misplaced text due to the font changes.

To install, the zip files only need be extracted to the Assets folder, which is contained in your Drox Operative 2 game folder. They are all compatible with one another also (except multiple Font mods). It is always a good idea to backup your saves too, just in case.

I hope they all work smoothly. If there are any issues with anything not working properly, feel free to let me know.

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