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Destro* 04-16-2017 03:00 PM

Zombasite More Mod - Released!
Zombasite More Mod! 2.0
Installation & Setup

Step 1: Download From:

Step 2: Install at: [Your Steam Location]\steamapps\common\Zombasite\Assets

Example: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Zombasite\Assets

Step 3: Delete your existing characters. (I recommend backing up your Zombasite user folder first.)

For Windows 7 Users: C:\Users\[Name]\AppData\Local\Zombasite\User
For me: C:\Users\[Destro*]\AppData\Local\Zombasite\User

Step 4: Read information on mod below.

Reading Short Description = Reasonable experience.
Reading Long Description = Optimal Play Experience.
Reading Patch Notes = Spoiled Play Experience.

Old Versions and non-direct download link can be found at:

Short Description

1.) Play on hardcore. (This mod is NOT balanced around softcore and I strongly believe that you will not be able to feel any sense of achievement by playing softcore, nor will you be able to feel the 'spirit' of the mod. But, I can't make you play hardcore, so I can only hope that you try hardcore after softcore if you refuse to play hardcore.)
2.) Do NOT drop your original bag. I disabled the flag that prevents you from dropping your original bag so that you can take advantage of bag mods to switch out your original bag. Be very careful... because if you have no bags, your character is practically screwed! You CANNOT pick up items onto your cursor, even with the equipment ui open, if you have 0 bags.
3.) Be very wary of your nemesis, arch-nemesis and enemy humanoids.

For all of the above, you have been warned.

Long Description

The Zombasite More Mod is a total overhaul of Zombasite that aims to completely overhaul the game by enhancing its gameplay to be more fun and balanced. This mod touches upon nearly every aspect of the game including but not limited to: skills, classes, items, passives, monsters, area layouts and area element spawning. And, to briefly go into greater detail on just a single one of the items in the previous limited list, let's take a look at items. For items, I rebalanced affixes, changed stat requirements, changed base item stats, increased affix count based on rarity, buffed drop rates, and on and on. Similar degrees of change were implemented in other areas of the game.

The four main goals of this mod are to:

A.) Increase the occurrence and frequency of rare content.

This entire mod is called the Zombasite More Mod, so it really goes to show how having MORE is the central, core theme behind the mod. You know those bonus chests that have a .00001% chance of spawning or don't even spawn at all during your entire run to level 100? Expect to see quite a few during each playthrough to level 100. The same goes for greater rooms, victory exclusive chests and much more. Expect more item mods, more chests, more health, more item drops from said chests, more stronger monsters, more frequent spell casts, and more... More... MORE... MOOOORRRREEE!!!

B.) Place an emphasis on difficulty.

With every reward comes a punishment. Monster difficult scales from 'easy to neigh invulnerable' under various conditions, such that farming in areas multiple levels above you is now no longer a no brainer. And, going up into higher Area Difficulties is also something that you need to carefully consider. Click to go into Champion difficulty too early and you're dead. Champion to Elite? Haha. And, for the tiers above? Have fun dying; assuming that you ever make it that far. (Note: unlikely)

No longer can you pick up 'Scavenger' or 'Pain Delay' and face roll through the rest of the game just because of one trait. You will seriously need to consider every strategy available to yourself if you want to succeed, because I assure you that every aspect of the game's gameplay is balanced around all possibilities open to you as a player.

Brace yourself for a challenge.

C.) Give everything a place.

A large portion of the time spent developing this mod was allocating toward developing new skills, buffing and nerfing overly powerful and overly weak skills, making new classes, rebalancing stats like health, mana, defense and attack and more. The goal behind all of this was to reduce the disparity in power between skills and classes that are far too weak or far too strong. And, I know that I succeeded at achieving my goals.

Playing the game with any random hybrid feels really smooth and you will feel that your character is viable and has a chance at making decent progress. Damage is far less spikey than before because monster enhancements and damage multipliers in general have been toned down substantially. You won't be fighting mobs and be taking 4 damage per hit and then suddenly get hit for 4,000 and die. But, don’t think that this means that you can't get one-shot, as overall base damage was increased to compensate for the decreased multipliers on monster enhancements, and some enhancement combinations are still incredibly strong...

The only things that doesn't have a place in this mod are... well... you'll find out very quickly I imagine when you notice their absence. :)

D.) Reduce cheese.

A lot of balance is designed to kill off cheesy tactics that make use of game mechanics to get ahead. There are still some game mechanics that I simply can't remove. But, I directly nerfed the methods or provided alternatives that heavily mitigate their effectiveness.

The recommended playstyle of this mod is Hardcore with Zombies Allowed. And, that is what everything is balanced around. Playing with additional difficult mods will certainly be quite hard... and winning with any of them would meant that you are indeed quite amazing at Zombasite!

I hope that you enjoy this mod. Good luck and have fun!

( Tchey ) 04-16-2017 04:12 PM

Well, it seems to be a lot of work put into this mod.
I may test it, but by the look of it, it's not for me.

Congratz for your work anyway.

Destro* 04-16-2017 05:02 PM

Thanks ( Tchey )!

I'm kind of curious, what about the description doesn't appeal to you? The entire concept? Or, just a specific aspect?

Edit: Also, I'm aware of some small issues with the mod already (because I'm playing it right now). Will have 0.0.2 later tonight. Haha.

Edit 2: 0.0.2 out. Fixes most, if not all immediate & mod-ruining issues.

Had a lot of fun playing new char combinations today. It's really incredible how much opportunity there is in the game when a few doors get opened, haha. In any case. I was thinking of a few Shadow inspired lines that I could say based on my gameplay. :p

My Magician + Dark Templar probably isn't the most powerful hybrid combination. But, the allure of high late game tankiness and low cooldown teleports keeps me going.

Castruccio 04-16-2017 10:00 PM

Can't wait to try this mod. May be a little while before I can get to it, but it is definitely something I want to try.

Destro* 04-17-2017 09:25 PM

Awesome Castruccio. :D
I can't wait to hear your feedback.

I'm currently experimenting with dungeon, chest, secret room and object spawn rates. I realized that my chest buff didn't really matter very much because of... well... a ton of reasons actually (as I'm now seeing). That will change!

I'll only get minimal work done on week days (because of rl). But, hopefully I should be able to make a lot of progress this weekend again (as usual). I have a bunch more ideas to implement and things to change. :D

edit 2: *phew*. Did like 2 hours of testing on chests. Got my regex codes created to create my moddable chest file completed. I also tested chest spawns a lot. I was always curious if it was possible to add new item types to the game. For example, I just copied "ChestLargeGold" and renamed it to "ChestMassiveGold" inside of chests.gdb. It doesn't work, sadly. But, oh well. That's life.

It also seems that there are many chests that can't spawn even if their spawn chance is set above 1. For example, I can't spawn ChestRewardMedium, the bonus chests or the treasure hunter chests. A bit lame. But, oh well. I can work around it. Chests will be way more impactful.

Castruccio 04-18-2017 09:38 AM

It is weird you can't spawn reward chests in dungeons. I think that is what you are saying you are trying to do.

Shadow 04-18-2017 11:35 AM

You can get new chest types to spawn. What you are probably missing is that the chest entry also has to be specified in world.gdb. Basically the level definitions are what control what is allowed to spawn in them.

( Tchey ) 04-18-2017 02:29 PM


Originally Posted by Destro* (Post 82561)
Thanks ( Tchey )!

I'm kind of curious, what about the description doesn't appeal to you? The entire concept? Or, just a specific aspect?

By reading the notes, it seems too frantic for my taste, too much more of everything, and faster paced, but it may not be, i need to try.

I like to play a loner, without zombies, without siege, with low respawn, and just go and explore every corners of a map.

Destro* 04-18-2017 09:20 PM


I couldn't get them to spawn above ground or anywhere!


Thanks for the response! I will definitely modify that area.


I understand your sentiment entirely!

Well, this will definitely be something that you will have to play test to decide if you like or not then. I'm not making it so that every 5 steps a Godly Chest of Infinite Loot spawns in front of you. But, I am going to make it so that you can actually see some of the rarer chests.

For example, did you know there are named chests in this game (ChestUnique)? I had no idea! I'm sure I have at least 120 hours of legit playtime (and like 40 hours of that was double speed probably) and I never saw even one. Just so you know, they have a spawn rate of .2 while small chests have a spawn rate of 5,000. Utopia secret rooms can spawn them (rarely), but I think you get the idea. I just want to open some doors for the game, if you will. :p More, but not excessive... at least in some cases, haha! :)

Also, in regards to pace, I think that the pace is going to be dramatically lower. Lots more higher ranked monsters appear, so you have to play more carefully. (No more get Scavanger at level 34-36, then faceroll rest of the game or just power creep at level 50-60 to be op and focus only on maxing combat exp).

In any case, we'll see how things play out. Lots of ideas come to me every day. This weekend I'll be putting in many hours of work for sure.

( Tchey ) 04-19-2017 05:34 AM

I tried, Hunter/Healer.

No other clans, Loner, No zombies, Fast Paced, No siege.

Basically a "normal" setting for me, just a hack'n'slash game, go kill named mobs, claim the reward from the Quest system.

With the mod,

At level 3 i had already more bags i could care about
At level 4 i was full Rare equipped (yellow loot).

I went from level 1 to level 8 without any effort, only with Serated Arrow, no need for healing. Only at level 1 or 2 i used potions in large packs, but then, nothing.

Now completely don't care about the loot even from boss or gold chest, because everything is "rare", so nothing is. I found one Purple, and two same cape from a set, but not for this toon.

I'm just running and killing, trying to see something in the overwhelming loots dropping all the time, mostly catching only the money and craft parts, and from time to time i loot only to use the Crafting Station.

So, not so fun overall. Too much everything, means nothing is remarkable.

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