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Shadow 01-29-2021 04:42 PM

Fanatics! Drox Operative 2 patch 0.833
Patch 0.833 of Drox Operative 2 is now available. Changes can be read here.

This patch adds the first Cataclysm: Fanatics. Fanatics might start off slow, but if you give them too much of a chance, they will infect all of the races. Also, they hate interlopers like Drox Operatives.

Dreepa 02-02-2021 03:23 PM

Very cool.

Now if Cataclysms could get some player influence that would be neat. I noticed that the simulation, while very cool overall, and super dynamic, does not really offer too much player behavior based changes.

For example, there are so many different planet types, and traits for planets, which seems like a big thing. In a 4X game, I would sit over that planet summary and strongly analyse what planet I want to settle on next.

In Drox, these background systems are so full of potential for having the user do something with them.
For example, launching an drox-outpost probe on it, which could be something like a pre-colonized state, which you can then sell to a race you like. And if it is a planet that is very strong with good traits, you get more money or more relation.

Or, if you attack a planet, maybe the traits could have an effect on how you attack it. Maybe a planet with "living planet" trait for example would spawn "neutral organic ships" (tornados etc.) when it is bombed, as it is defending itself.

Or maybe sabotage actions could depend on the traits. Like a planet with "gold deposits" could

Long story short, for the cataclysm, it would be cool if it's not just "happening". But that you as a player have an impact on it, on how it develops. E.g. finding artifacts that protect pockets of space against it, or having a chance at directing the anger somehow.

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