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Delilah Rehm 12-31-2008 11:34 PM

Sneak Peek #18: Paige the Zombie
Fantastical Creature Reality Show Contestant Sneak Peek #18: Paige the Zombie

Paige is one of the living dead with her stench and visage both disturbing. Lanky hair still holds some curl. Her lower lip is missing leaving a bloody gouge on her chin. Dark smudges lay beneath muddy blue eyes. She has three cuts high on her forehead. Her body appears uninjured, though her skin is a combination of pale and bruised like rotting fruit.

Interviewer: For the audience, I have a quick explanation. Due to Paigeís disability, we have an interpreter with us today. However, if Paige makes it on to the show she will not have an interpreter on location. Paige, how do you plan to communicate on the island?

Paige: Most people can understand me after awhile. Itís just when I first meet people that they have a hard time. That is, if they stick around. Usually Iím greeted with screaming and running.

Interviewer: I have to ask it. Do you have an urge to eat me right now?

Paige: I ate before the interview, so Iím fine. Thanks for the offer. Just kidding!

Interviewer: Heh, hehÖ Riiiight. How are you going to deal with your lust to kill and infect others on the island?

Paige: Stay full. The urge isnít bad when Iíve just eaten. Iíll probably fish a lot.

Interviewer: I donít mean to be rude, but you smell terrible. Do you think the other contestants will want to get rid of you right away because of that?

Paige: Iím so used to it now, I always forget I smell bad. Eventually I should blend in since there wonít be any bathing facilities.

Interviewer: I doubt it. Last question- why should viewers send you to the island?

Paige: I represent a new level of a survival challenge for the other contestants. How many of them can say the same?

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