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MysticVoid 7x9 03-08-2014 04:14 PM

Mutant ship build question
Are there any stats I should/shouldn't put skill points in for my mutant ship?

Right now on my mutant ship I am trying to make a ship that has lots of regen parts on the ship. Right now one think I want to do is replace the shield gen with a quick charge shield gen but the game won't let me put one in that shield only slot.

I want to make a ship that is very hard to kill.

and this is the build I have right now

Took me about a day to get it to level 24 from level 0

Cryosis 03-09-2014 04:11 AM

I'm running a mutant on zero command hardcore that's level 17 right now. I don't have the ship stats with me but I do know I have roughly 470 shields and about 260 defense, which is only a little less tankier than you (I have no armor).

Since you are running soo heavily on shields (which you do when you are mutant), I would take all your points from structure and apply them elsewhere. Try to have a balance between total shields, shield regen, defence and resists (when you can get resists).

You have 5 shield regen boosters but you are only getting 9 shields per second out of a total of 353 shields, I would say that's pretty low for how many slots you are using.

Try something like:
Racial slots:
1 big expensive shield
1x the most expensive shield regen you have (since it halves power load being in racial slot)

Red Slots:
1x Ram Drive (
2x Power plants
weapon or additional power plant if needed

Yellow slots:
2x high regen rate shields
1 computer (if using aimed weapons, since it gives defense) or an ecm if not using aimed weapons.
last slot, weapon

Green slots:
2x shield regens
1x shield manager (if you can find a good one, otherwise another shield regen)
1x all resist (or another shield manager / regen)
last slot, whatever.

This should give you high shield value, a good defense value, a good shield regen value, and a little resist to soak up some of the damage. If you do not have enough offense/power, you may need to remove one of the shields.

Tuidjy might have a better response to this.

MysticVoid 7x9 03-09-2014 05:44 AM

Between now and my last post I was able to force my shield regen 3 times higher than it was before. I really like the two weapons I got on this ship because of all the critical hits they get are just crazy.

The new set of stats I have right now is this.

The ship is level 33 right now.

At level 26 my ship was still hurting for parts from the way at which I took it from level 0 to about level 24~. That way was sitting off the map as my friend did his own thing on the map as I was afk. Most of the parts I had on the ship were all taking from my old level 25 Dryad ship which I have now taken everything from and placed the parts on the ship I am using now, and most of that has been replaced by now.

Got this game about one or two weeks ago and I am enjoying it a lot so far. Even got three other people that I know to get it and play it with me off and on.

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