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Caal 02-05-2022 07:44 PM

Modding Mistake
I had the definition of a large town dungeon set to a range of 10-20, and generated a 20 level dungeon with a boss monster on level 19. Sometime during the course of playing this town, I changed the definition of a large town dungeon to be a range of 8-16. On reloading the town it was now 16 levels deep with the boss monster on level 15. After finally getting to level 15, no boss monster appeared. Still no luck after two reloads and a very diligent search for secret walls, so I had to conclude that the boss vanished with the resizing (painful to have to get xp debt to regenerate a town due to an unsolvable quest)

Lesson - finish your town before messing around with town dungeon size definitions

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