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ScrObot 11-08-2019 06:52 AM

I love HuntingU's idea of you controlling a small "Drox Guild" instead of just one ship. That could be a cool differentiating feature from the original. A lot of people, myself included, really enjoy having persistent bonuses and upgrades unlocked, so that could play in well. (Persistent in this case would be to the character/guild, not to all characters in your local installation -- start a new character/guild, start with a blank slate. But obviously the gameplay loop is running that character through many systems/games, so this makes sense.) Perhaps that persistence is a skill tree which you have to make choices in rather than being able to unlock everything -- hard choices and specialization are fun!

Huge boss ships/special encounters would be great. I can imaging having to fly around a ship/base that is 2 or three screens huge, taking out defenses all the way around it bit by bit in order to be able to attack it, or as mentioned, have different phases, or repeatedly finding the weak spot as the enemy beefs up defenses where you have been attacking it... there's a lot of cool things that could be done here. Especially if we make a pool of these things that can be caused from a variety of actions, and have different modifiers that make each instance a slightly unique experience -- affixes beyond just numbers and resistances, but optional mechanics, different phase order, etc.

Perhaps the Command Point system could be redesigned, or dropped altogether and instead you bought and upgraded ships in a different manner. Or Command Points were like a currency instead of a sequential upgrade, and you had access to a shipyard where you could use that smaller, earlier ship but buff it to make it viable at any point. Being able to invest in "weaker" ships to make them more powerful is a great way to really personalize things. Options are good!

Can you tell I'm excited? :)

gornova 11-08-2019 09:43 AM

Just came back here to say: great news!!

Drox Operative is my favourite games after Depths of Peril ( first love !).

I really want to see better graphics, models and animations. A key point for DO2 success (IMHO) is design elements on screen: everything should be easily recognisable, so take another step for your games and put more effort (community can help too) in this.

A part from this, I don't like too much arcade games anymore, so auto-aim could be an option, for me always on!

Drox Operative key point is to play as lone wolf in a 4x space game: maybe you can work to enhance this and help community build mods around popular franchises (star trek, star wars etc, battlestart galactica.. ).

Destro* 11-08-2019 10:24 AM

It's been so long since I played Drox Operative... the only pain point I had was that I wanted to max every stat, but couldn't. :D

Of course, now that I'm much older, I don't mind that as much and understand why you maxing them all shouldn't happen. Though, the command gating on ship size was probably my bigger gripe. (It has been a long time though, so I'm kind of basing this response off of other responses on how I used to feel... I wonder if it has been 10 years since I played? haha)

Now I kind of want to do another play through....

Cyberneticist 12-23-2019 01:30 PM


Originally Posted by gornova (Post 85708)
A key point for DO2 success (IMHO) is design elements on screen: everything should be easily recognisable,

It's called semiotics.

And yes, this can make a huge difference. Best semiotics I have ever seen in a game was in City of Heroes - check out the explanation. Even if you've never played a certain class, it is clear what is a single target attack, what is an area of effect attack, what is a buff or a debuff, etc.

An example of bad semiotics would be WoW. "Facemelt"? What does the "puking murloc" power do? And then icons get reused for different powers.

eidolad 01-14-2020 11:32 PM

Drox lurker de-cloaks to chime in...

I am a huge lifelong fan of Drox Operative...and I have permanent mode of drop by to buy the latest Soldak games, play them for a while and then play a bit of Drox, then wander away with the ongoing wish for Drox 2...

In Drox I would play character after character only to run headlong into the late game universes where no empire has enough planet health or fleet power to survive and my ship feels way underpowered vs. the wildlife. Maps would generally end up with everyone dead and quest lines ended...however the journey to about level 80 is great. The bounty hunters are seriously deadly...and the loot grind is well implemented.

I would pay cash money instantly for a small expansion of Drop Operative that addressed the late game balance. No questions asked.


Drox Operative 2 is an insta-buy. An updated loot grind Drox-style and dynamic solar system/quest system would be standouts.

I also really need the anti-carpal tunnel configs that Drop has: especially: attack with spacebar...this saves me a ton of clicking!!!

But here's the thing. 2020 has several outstanding space roguelikes/space games, now and coming. If I was doing my dream job (doing Soldak badass games) instead of front end development I would be evaluating the following to ensure I was developing something in the same league:

StarSector Skill matters. Fleet composition and ship configuration is deep and matters, and once there is a solid quest content this will be the king of space roguelikes bar none. The mods already out are fantastic.

Space Battlecruiser. Solid difficulty and fun within the limited scope. Combat skill matters. Tactical choices on the map matter. Upgrade choices matter.

Starcom Nexus. Great implementation overall and has tons of future promise...hopefully will sell enough to evolve.

I could go on about other space roguelikes but the above highlight the quality level available now and how Drox 2 would be positioned.

Astrox Imperium. Have high hopes for this one.


There are some features from the fantasy genre that are worth considering to add to Drox:

The "skill constellation" feature in Grim Dawn: this allows tons of further customization that are outside of classes entirely.


I wish the Drox Operative 2 project total success! Just take my money.

Crisses 01-17-2020 10:10 AM


Originally Posted by Mithur (Post 85686)
About Combat: auto aim was huge part in first Drox game,so if you want to make less auto aiming weapons,then maybe make aiming and firing on mouse and movement on arrows or WASD,but i still think that it could be an optional for autoaim.

Autoaim is an accessibility feature and makes the game more playable for folk with hand & wrist issues. Less frantic mouse/keyboarding = playable for people with RSI etc.

Crisses 01-17-2020 10:33 AM


Originally Posted by ScrObot (Post 85707)
I love HuntingU's idea of you controlling a small "Drox Guild" instead of just one ship. That could be a cool differentiating feature from the original.

If you could have say 3 or 4 ships partnering on expeditions, with up to 3 acting as "NPC escorts" and you controlling 1 at a time BUT able to switch which ship you're actively playing that would be awesome. So the same "game engine" that allows players in other games to choose 2+ escorts and they have very basic instructions for how the AI plays them but allow hot-swapping which ship you as the player control.

This would allow a single player to run a "party" of ship-adventurers equipped for different situations and swap out direct control for different circumstances. Maybe open up a slot for this partnership every X levels if that sounds OP, so for example you can start out with 1 ship for 10 levels, then 2 until level 35, 3 to level 60, and 4 for the remainder of the game. Or something similar. All the ships would need to be the same minimum level to participate. Gives you a lot of reason to make different builds in the start of the game so you can partner them later on for the more complicated/harder levels.

alstein 02-02-2020 07:46 AM

I'd like to see you just get rid of command, and have the ship scale to rank (aka level) It wasn't fun.

You start out as a Lt. and work your way up and get a bigger ship with rank.

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