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Mujik 06-23-2016 06:39 PM

[WIP] UI Overhaul v0.1.2 for 1080p (0.936)
This is a mod that aims in making the UI more accessible without losing the original felling of the game

- Larger Minimap (my old mod now with a new hand made border texture)
- Merged the equipment and character stats menu, and moved the new menu to the right
- Condensed Clan Info screen
- NPC Equipment Screen made to match the new Equipment/Stats menu, (made this so your followers can look more like the player and not a totally different species)
- New smaller Amarante font, so more information can be displayed in a smaller space
- Different colors for Rare and Very Rare Items
- Many more buttons and other widgets were moved around, and smaller changers were made, but all the information is still there, except for the clan members list on the Clan Info Menu, I'm thinking in recreate the list on the advanced clan info menu.
- New Exclusive 20 Slots Bag, so you can store all your sweet sweet loot :D

if you delete this mod without first moving all your stuff back to regular bags, and load your save game, you will lose EVERYTHING you have stored in the Exclusive bags, do not say i didn't warn you!!!

The image above is how the screen looks with the character screen, bags, clan info, and stash opened at the same time.

Currently you can't open the follower menu and the stash at the same time but I'm looking into it. This is how the new follower menu looks:

And here one image with all menus closed so you can see the new hotbar configuration with the right click slots brought from the right side of the screen, the teleportation stone from the left and the food, money and bag space moved to the upper left


UI Overhaul

Just download it and put the zip file directly into the assets directory wherever you installed Zombasite. You don't need to unzip it.

This is a work in progress so there are some bugs and also there are many other menus that i'm still planning on optimize but this is the first build that i'm confident enough to share...
If you have a opinion on how to better optimize the UI please leave a comment
I also plan to continue to update the mod when the following patches come, but i don't always have the time, so if you want to make any changes on the files or create branches for further modding, please feel free to do so, just please give the due credits.

Know Bugs:
If you close the character screen with esc instead of pressing the hotkey C for it to close, one of the bags icons will remain on the screen, you simply have to press C again for it to close before opening the character menu again, I probably messed up something when i moved the icon.... I'm already looking into it

To Do:
Optimize the character 2 and 3 menus, the clan advanced menu and some other menus.

Things that i'm looking into but don't even know if it's possible:

- A way to invert the bag stack order from right to left, up to down, to , left to right, up to down.

-A way to unglue the position of the advanced stats for the clan members

Change notes:

--Quick fix for non-clickable buttons on clan info menu

-Update for patch 0.936
-Fixed Skill button duplicate (MindDefect)

-Initial Release

SOLDAK for making all the code that we're modding
DarthNihilus for the idea for the 20 slots bags
deogo for the Amarante fonts

Destro* 06-23-2016 10:04 PM

Wow! Just Wow! You're new UI looks AMAZING!

One of the biggest inconveniences with the current UI is overlap. And, I have to say, your WIP UI seems to handle that incredibly well! (at least from what I see in the pictures).

I'm going to play test this IMMEDIATELY! I'll report back with my findings tomorrow.

MindDefect 06-24-2016 01:14 AM

Seconded.. this is AMAZING!

Glad you went for this huge undertaking. Love the font. Love seeing all the Clan member management stuff on the main screen. It will be super extra useful for multiplayer, where pause is disabled. So far it works spot on, only non-mentioned issue is the skill screen icon shows a double, at it's default location, when you open it. Very playable so far but I will like to test more when I have time.

Great to see a MAJOR mod come out before official release.

Mujik 06-24-2016 05:43 PM

Updated for 0.936

MindDefect 06-24-2016 11:56 PM

Testing it more on the latest version, so far no issues. It makes everything so much easier! I'm really liking the font. Only thing I would like better is to somehow make "Item value" very easy to see. It's something I wouldn't mind being bigger like it is in vanilla, but even in vanilla I would have liked it to stand out even more (even for low value items), because when sorting through extra junk, it's the only property of an item I make time to look at.

Though, I can probably go without having the value only getting bigger, the higher the value the item is, like it is in vanilla (and I think that's how you have it, from what I can tell), or maybe still have that aspect but make it less exaggerated than it is in vanilla. In my personal preference, I just wish it was always big, or could stand out in some way like DPS and Armor seem to.

I don't if value could be more bolded, underlined, or the color could be more in your face or saturated like the DPS/Armor value. Sorry, seems like I'm not completely sure what would make it easier for me to see, and I'm asking for you to make it so :p

Maybe I can somehow try tinkering with it myself, to offer a better idea.

Mujik 06-25-2016 12:06 AM

I would love to be able to mod the style of the items highlights, change some colors, some fonts sizes, but i think that this is currently hard-coded, at least I've been looking for a way to do it since i started modding drox but no luck so far....

MindDefect 06-25-2016 01:00 AM

No problem. Actually might be perfectly fine as I get used to it. The font just seems to make everything clearer the more I play around with it.

One sort of similar bug to that skill screen one you fixed, is when you close everything from the character screen including the bags, by constantly pressing Esc, it suddenly makes a default backpack icon appear in it's default place. It goes away when you open the character screen again. Of course, who would press Esc constantly to close the whole inventory (I guess me, apparently.. :D)

I also noticed little other things you did, like make the status icons a bit bigger. I like this a lot!

Mujik 06-25-2016 01:34 AM

O_O i didn't touch the status icons !!! rsrs

my guess is 'cause the fonts are smaller you think everything else is bigger.....

It's bigger on the inside!! :D:D:D:D

actually code-wise the problem with the bag icon isn't quite the same.... the skill button duplicate was just a duplicate widget in another file that was already in the vanilla game, people just didn't notice 'cause it was on the same place that the normal icon, so i just erased the duplicate. in the bag icon case the widget is exact the same as the other three so it isn't a problem with the widget... there's something eslse altering the widget that i still haven't found.....

MindDefect 07-02-2016 10:47 AM

If anyone wants to use this for the new v0.937, until Mujik updates it officially, I updated the ClanInfo.mnu file that goes into's UI, folder to have a workable Scavenge button. The button doesn't have Mujik's sleek bordering, as that probably requires more knowledge than simple notepad editing :p

And there is probably more stuff he needs to update, this just makes it fully playable (I think..) with the current version. I deserve no credit for this, all credit goes to Mujik, our creator. I did this for selfish reasons!

( Tchey ) 07-17-2016 06:05 AM

Can i use this mod with ScrObot's ones (Stack, Bags and Identify) without risk ?
Can i use it "safely" with the last version of the game ?

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