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DrDoogieHowserMD 03-04-2020 09:48 PM

Question about Din's Legacy and LAN Play
Hey everyone!

A group of my friends and I are looking into playing Din's Legacy at our next LAN party (10 Players). None of us will be playing it prior to the LAN so we will all be starting at a Level 1.

I have been searching around on these forums and elsewhere, but I can't really find the answers to the questions we have. Hopefully someone can assist us with the answers.

1. We plan on using the Local Multiplayer mode to play the game. The host machine is pretty beefy (Intel i9-9000k, RTX 2080ti, and 32 GB RAM), but will we run into any issues hosting 10 players at once? Is lag to be expected?

2. I noticed that in multiplayer mode you can select what level you want the enemies to start at. I have a few questions relating to this.
  • Does the multiplayer game scale based in how many players are in-game?
  • With 10 people should we still start at level 0, or because of our numbers should we start at a higher level?
  • Do enemies level with you in multiplayer? As we level, will the enemies do the same or do we need to load a new map with higher enemies to continue to progress? Is there a console command to increase this in-game from the host machine?

3. Any additional tips/pointers for setting up a fun multiplayer game?

- Thanks in advance. We are really looking forward to this game!

Shadow 03-06-2020 04:38 PM

1) Hard to tell, but I would guess that it will be fine.

2a) No.
2b) Given that you are all new players, I would just start the world at level 0.
2c) The world level gets higher and higher as you get further away from the starting area. It doesn't change as players level up. There is not a console command to increase the level. Each time you "win" a world and start a new one, it will default to a higher starting level.

The host can always start a new world at any time and increase or decrease the level to change the difficulty.

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