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Excellion 09-23-2020 04:33 PM

[0.817] [Bugreport] - Ancient race generated with random name after planet capture.
When a ancient race captures a colony, the game at times seems to generate an ancient race with a random name but the traits and tooltip of the actual ancient race. In this specific example a race called "Gartemiri" was generated, which has the portrait, icon, traits and tooltip of the Hezog ancient race.

Interestingly enough reloading the game changed the name of said race from "Gartemiri" to "Hezog":

- The game logs around 10:33 display that a Hezog destroyer captures a planet. This in turn generates the "Gartemiri" race.
- When reloading the same save game, the races name is changed to "Hezog" however.

I suspect the game incorrectly names the race, and corrects itself after a reload.

Savegame, Character files and log:
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