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nakorn85 10-22-2014 10:41 PM

Ideas for Soldak Team
This is just an idea. It's would be nice if Soldak team could make a game engine
Din's Curse style that easy to make for the home user without requiring much
programming just like RPG Maker VX.A lot of peoples and artist dreams to make
video games but the tools to make it happen are just too difficult.I think Din's Curse has a solid battle system and it's would be cool to allow user to create
there own storyline,graphic,map,etc.The graphic can be in 2d to avoid 3d limitation issue like polycount,rendering,etc.The graphic in 2d can still look really beautiful and "charming",one of example beautiful hand draw rpg is Saga Frontier 2 for PS1.
anyways if this engine really happen it probability have a big community and peoples sharing resource things like that. :rolleyes:

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