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Tuidjy 10-20-2015 06:29 PM

Things which would make clan management more fun for me
I am enjoying the game, but I think that clan management could be a lot more interesting and less frustrating.

First, I want to be able to get more details about what it going on. I want to know how cooking, farming, butchering, etc... affect my food needs, and how tanning, smithing, etc... affect my crafting. I want to see my clan in a nice table, with class, damage per second, happiness, and status icons visible. Possibly with small icons for skills.

Second I want large clans to be made workable. This means that the limit on how often you send parties to forage should depend on how many people are able to go, not on an arbitrary time time. Those who just came back may be tired, and need a full night and day to recover, but I have five more hunters, I should be able to send them out.

Third, I want to be able to set roles for my people. Some should be farming and producing, some should be acting as guards (along or instead of monster guards) and some should be on R&R. Some of these activities could be influenced by developed infrastructure. People on common tasks would interact with each other and personalities would matter.

Fourth, I want a special interface for people on my party, with very least the ability to lock their equipment in. I am tired of them replacing the equipment I chose for them with the trash I want to give to those staying at home.

Fifth, I would like to have the ability to send a party to do a quest, or to clear an area, etc... it could be very dangerous, and the members equipment could matter a lot.

Sixth, I would like a bit better diplomacy. I find it strange that a clan with three members asks me to bribe them to stop attacking my friends, when I have 20 high level warriors to back me up.

Seven, I would like to see clan inventories. When I drop something to be allocated to the clan, have it go to tat inventory, and stay there for new members to possibly equip. The player should not be able to take it back, because that would make it just a stash, but the player should be able to order stuff recycled. Also, there should be an inventory of stuff manufactured by all the smiths, alchemists, farmers, etc... this one should be accessible to the player.

Eight, and this is really cosmetic. Can recruits with no extra skills be called peasants, or ruffians, or lazy asses, or something? Guy wearing cloth and holding a stick is not a wizard if he has no spells.

ScrObot 10-20-2015 08:36 PM

Some fantastic ideas in here. I too would love to be able to see my clan members in a table, along with a way to compare and equip them directly. The current way is tedious at best, or the black hole of the clan armory.

(Note, the clan armory is a good idea, presumably the "dropping items on the ground" mechanic will get fixed, but being able to manage your entire clan's equipment centrally would be great.)

Edit: Basically, a compact view of the current "View NPC" screen, where each clan member was a column in a big horizontally scrollable screen would be amazing. Or show, say, 4 clan member columns per screen and be able to page through them. Plus the ability to show your bags across the top or bottom for equipping purposes.

Hobo elf 10-21-2015 10:11 AM

Yes, the game needs a clan management page with all the relevant info easily available on it. Would make clan management faster and less tedious. Also concerning clans, I think the villages are way too big. I dunno if there are plans for the future that will end up justifying the size of the villages, but for now it's just large opens spaces of nothingness. It just looks empty and dull. It's also quite irritating when you discover a new clan and then you have to run around the edges of the large map to see if it's connected to a different zone.

Tuidjy 10-21-2015 12:02 PM

I cannot believe this is not in.

During an attack on my clan seat, I noticed that one of my clan members was infected at stage 2. I am sure that there was a message when she got infected, but I never saw it. The part that bothers me is that when I tried to find any sign of something wrong in the "Clan info" panel, or on the member's sheet, or in the quests, or anywhere, I came up with nothing.

This information is too important! I would like to see ALL of these in the game:
- If a clan member is infected, there should be a quest available
- The current hit points of members should be on their character sheet
- Any statutes, including temporary ones, should be under "Enhancements"... the label should be changed, obviously

kizune 10-22-2015 01:57 PM

Is there actually sort of managment in the game or planned to be added? Except the equipment sharing, gates/guards and the really to long time to send out your clan members to search for things, that i have already seen.

I hoped for something that way are already in the game, i dont played it for long with my girlfriend because we had insane lag in the multiplayer. :)

Tuidjy 10-26-2015 01:31 PM

I feel that the game could do a better job at making me care about my clan members. Here are a few things that I would to see:
- the ability to have a clan member tech a skill to a clan member of the same class
- the ability to lock down the inventory of a clan member, so that he STOPS changing his equipment when I give away trash
- a button, or even better, a separate screen to scroll from one PARTY member to another, without going through everyone else. If such a screen could fit all three inventories (player and both party members, even better)

norari1977 10-26-2015 07:49 PM

i completely agree with your suggestion. i think this game had good steps from previous soldak games, however there are several part which they are lacking. what i feels the lacking part are clan management like you suggested. ARPG part are almost perfect already. it is much better than other ARPG recently released from other developers but this game can be masterpiece if they added more interesting clan management. i also want to see what the things are going on. this game needs more ' life' in the game world. i don't expect that clan management should be detailed like a city builder games such as Anno or Tropico series but it should add little more life for each clan member.

Throwback 10-27-2015 06:50 AM

I really love the clan system. It's kind of like a second item system. You are constantly searching for new additions and occasionally you lose one. Depending how you build your clan you can be a better diplomat, have more food, create items, and what seems like many other options.

I never played DoP so maybe I don't have that history which would make me want want more - I'm just thoroughly enjoying what is there.

Tuidjy 10-27-2015 02:55 PM

I would like to have a way to get empty flasks. Maybe a "glassblower" skill for clan members? They may get a bonus on foraging for potions, if the extra empty flasks seem too insignificant by themselves.

The empty vials seem to be quite hard to come by once I get past level 25. Or maybe the RNG is messing with me.

Tuidjy 10-29-2015 07:53 PM

I'd like to see an improvement to getting rid of clan members. As things are now, nothing prevents you from hiring every single person you see, and kicking them out as soon as they place their saved food in the clan's stores. This is an exploit that has to go, but there is so much room for improvement on top of that.

Here are some things I'd love to see:
- when dismissing a member, have a choice to let him go with a full share of the clan's food and all of his equipment or alternatively attempt to strip him of food and gear. The latter may result in the clan member turning hostile.
- have the possibility that the clan insists on kicking out someone, or at least, tat individual members clamor for someone to go.
- have the ability to call a clan wide vote on dismissing someone.
- when a person is kicked out, there is a happiness hit on all other clan members, with a magnitude depending on how much they liked him, whether his dismissal was voted on, and how he was dismissed

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