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Great examples of future game scenarios.

As come in mind right now my suggestions for scenarios -
1) the player's character bought an ancient map of one dealer,which leads to the area where can be located a long-forgotten treasure of the ancient Kingdom and the key to it,but the map is so old that you can only partially find their way to it. Game starts in a small camp with a few NPC tradesmen(lumberjacks,herbalists),which in the course of the gaming session if the player will be doing their quests,they can be tell to player the area in which is high ligth(on a map),so this depends if game have world size option,if having it then- a place where can be found other clues or other small camps where to ask;if not having it- then approximately whereabouts of entry point(or points) in treasury.Well, here it is possible to search on the surface or in dungeons,you need to carefully search everywhere as the entrance to the treasure is hidden(like some hidden places in Depths of Peril),as it can be not only treasure,but also a death trap for those who dare go in long forgotten halls.Also there can be other characters that try to find this treasure before you do.

2)player character arrived in a secret village or city in a dangerous region of the world which until recently was hidden from the monsters,by the ancient artifact which were mysteriously stolen by gang of marauders or mercenaries or zealots.And the remaining residents are asking the hero to track down the kidnappers and return the artifact on the altar of the ancient temple until the monsters hordes found out and destroy the village.Here you can explore the village in search of traces where did the kidnappers(depending on the choice of the size of the world,finding can occur quickly or for a long time) and you run into a part of the gang,who after beating tell where to go next.Ending to quest can go two ways:a-In the end you need fight the rest gang and can get artifact to return,the avatar of the God-protector outside the temple will give the hero a reward for the salvation of his followers,OR b-find out that villagers are actualy a evil-god zealots ,who wanna capture artifact and raiding village, but failed in capture attempt and disguised themselfs as villagers try to use player to finish survivors who fled with artifact,after you help survivors clear village from zealots,the avatar of the God-protector will give you reward.

3)the player character has been cursed by dark gods for the fact that successfully thwarted their plans.The result of the curse was the fact that а character's shadow doppelganger appeared from Well of Darkness located in this lands,who became the leader of the local monsters groups,and arranges the chaos in the area.Need to track him down and kill until he has destroyed or capture all villages and towns in the area and have not gained enough forces and allies for the full invasion.Well, there may be side quests in towns/village,but you need to be careful as doppelganger sometimes personally leads raids on villages and towns,so recently attacked can attack you on sight as you two are the same. If his troops occupied the town/village(there may be the quest to recapture the town/village).Doppelganger could send his allies or bounty hunters after you.To win scenario you need to find his lair and kill him there,or destroy Well of Darkness,or catch and kill him at one of the meetings with possible allies,or try to hit him when he storms another town/village(in the latter two cases, he can escape like some bosses in Zombasite).But if Well of Darkness not destroyed there is a chance that doppelganger will appear again.

Will add more as soon as they are in more detail considered,and of course all my suggestions can be used in any game you like,not specially in hardcore one.

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