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1. I'd like the sound design improved. While it is currently extremely distinct, it is in many cases not...nice? Almost like you picked unique sounds but perhaps didn't have time/resources to go over them to make sure they all have the same feel and really 'gel' with the world and add to it.

In my limited experience, successful games without stellar graphics instead have good to great sound design - e.g. hotline miami, devil daggers. It's not an immediate thing I notice, but when I think about it it is actually very important.

2. I'd like the world clans to be further refined. At the moment if I find the Horde or Evicerators for example, I'm pretty sure if I want the alliance victory I will have to eliminate them, since they don't play nice with others even they will ally with me. Clans like this unfortunately seem to be in the majority.

3. I'd like the town invasion mechanics improved. Running into 10-20 special characters is not fun, especially since they all take an extremely long time to kill. It's not the difficulty I object to, it's the pacing. I don't have any ideas for improvement though.

4. I wouldn't mind if there was a limit on the amount of quests that could be spawned in an area, but those quests had more scope to 'level up'. This is because distant areas have a tendency to build up enormous amounts of quests, but not necessarily get any more difficult than other areas. So you get there, do your thing and collect amazing rewards. There's not typically any motivation to complete a specific quest. If the quests were to get harder instead, I would have a lot of motivation to get to them, and less chance of being swamped by town invasions on my way to get there (as not so many quests would spawn).

5. Another idea is to use the mechanic of the boardgame 'epidemic', if you've played it. An area that is 'full' on quests could cause quests to appear in neighbouring areas.

6. A way to get to distant areas quickly. How about a clan that will guide you to any map square with a quest in it, for a fee? Or 'guide' NPCs that will take you to a specific gate, for a fee. Or quests that unlock gates to 'full' areas. You could limit the quest so it only becomes available when an area is 'full' of quests. Obviously there are implications for the sense of achievement in opening up large areas of the map. so anything like this would have to be designed carefully.

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