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Oooo, so we can place guards inside town now? That'd be great. I always felt sorry for the poor little speed bumps because the fact that they could only be placed outside meant that even an inanimate door apparently was valued by the clan more than them (ditto for clan members set to guard duty, whereupon the poor doomed-to-die suckers would be forced outside the town gates). Also makes Carpenter door production more valuable if the doors get destroyed first instead of the guards. I always ended up with more doors than guards because of that (poor dying guards).

Being able to place twice as many of them and now inside town can make the place feel more lively too for those of us who like playing Simcity with our clan town.

Can we set clan members to retreat to the health stone (or where-ever) whenever the town gets attacked? Sometimes I have commoners think it's a good idea to charge into the middle of a huge enemy raid ahead of everyone else just because they happened to be near the gate when the enemy raid started.
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