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What percentage of the assets would you say are missing, and how long do you suspect they will take to complete?

The reason I ask is that I assume you will be using placeholder assets in the meantime. One of the most frequent critiques I see of your games involves recycled assets. One risk you might run launching on early access with old assets is that people will just roll their eyes at the game and assume it is yet another recyling of old assets from Soldak. Your core fanbase won't care, but the window shoppers might and have in the past.

Edit: I don't want to entirely discourage the idea of an alpha. I just want to think carefully about doing it on Steam, on which you only get one shot at a launch and a first impression. Another option would be to run a closed or open alpha through your store and website. That way you'd be getting feedback from your core fanbase while saving yourself any potential negative fallout from a bad first impression on Steam. Then you could launch beta in early access on Steam once more assets are in place. I (and many others on this forum) would absolutely be up for testing an early alpha, and for downloading the big patches as needed when the assets come in.

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