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Originally Posted by MaximB View Post
BTW except Caster, what games have you ported yourself ? (not with LGP)
Only Caster's with regards to that question. Everything else published has been LGP. Several unpublished works (Mostly waiting for LGP to decide to publish- or were "cut bait" type stories, including an X86_64 port of Soul Ride that wasn't worth it based on returns on the title...).

What games are you porting right now ?
Cortex Command.
Caster (ARM/OpenGLES port of Linux version for BeagleBoard, Pandora, Droid, etc...)
Caster 2 release for Linux version.
All of the Myth Franchise from Bungee (Starting soon...)

Right now, I'm waiting to hear back from Paradox on EU2/HoI2/HoI3/etc. For that one, if they green-light me, I'll have a few people I can reasonably rely upon to assist in hand for that as there's more than enough work for many on that deal.

Some of these will actually start later in the year or are as I find time doing them (i.e. the Myth Franchise stuff. This is a fan of the franchise pitching his hat in with the bunch doing the Windows/MacOS versions of Classic Myth I&II and Myth III with permission from TakeTwo...)

And what is the status of Bandits: Phoenix Rising and Disciples 2: Dark Prophecy ? (dunno if you know about Disciples 2, but it seems that none really knows the status of this game, even not Michael ).
Heh... I can't go into MUCH details on things under NDA (and those ARE, sadly there...) but I can tell you that Bandits was more waiting for the green-light on pressing it. There was one last bug but it was with the beta's bundling itself. Pretty much everything else was ready to the best of my knowledge. Disciples 2...heh...I can't discuss titles I don't have direct involvement with...sorry.
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