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Maybe looking at it in a business sense Kivi's may have been a mistake although to me it's still your most polished game out of the three you have made so far. I think the artists who make the creatures are more in their element creating the Lumen rather than the humans in DoP and Din's since the Lumen come across with much more personality in their looks than the humans which I always thought looked a bit drab in comparison. The variety of unique looking characters you could choose in Kivi's is a complete 180 in terms of visual variety compared to Din's although the hybrid system you introduced in Din's is without question superior in terms of gameplay. I also thought the voice acting was excellent in Kivi's moving the story along and one of the things I miss in Din's was more of a story/history element.

The simplicity of Kivi's did work in it's favor in terms of the UI and the preset levels still feel superior to any dungeon generated in Din's although I think the dungeon generation in Din's is still impressive and a vast improvement over DoP dungeons. I believe Din's is the best game Soldak has made so far but there are some elements of Kivi's that are superior to both.
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