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"Why not?"

So, is the dev also responsible for everybody in the world not knowing about his game?
Is he responsible for his game not solving cancer?
Is he responsible for his game not serving as an alarm clock to wake you up in the morning?
Is he responsible for his game not baking you a delicious desert on command?

Seriously, where do you draw the line on responsibility? Because, according to your logic, it is the responsibility of an game's creator to make a product perfectly inline with your specifications, otherwise the creator has failed you and is responsible for failing.

In fact, using your reasoning, you could say that the developer has failed every single person who has ever played the game that didn't agree with its design. 'It's not that the player's didn't like the game, it's the developers fault for not making the game good enough.' (Which is naturally false because its nobody's fault that the expectations of players and the vision implemented by the developer don't always align. No game is perfect for everybody. It's simply impossible.)

Well, whatever. My counter-argument remains that it's unfair to blame a developer for not meeting one's preferences. That's too selfish. If my explanations above don't change your mind, then I can really only hope that you make a breakthrough for yourself one day, because living life while blaming others for your own dislikes is a really sad way to exist. I wish you the best.

I do want to correct myself on what I said in previous posts though. I don't even think it's your fault or anybody's fault. Nobody is responsible. It's just life.

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