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I've had this game since release and just recently, I've been binging on it. Since Steven is sharing code between this game and Din's Legacy, I thought I'd mention some of the features/bugs that occasionally make me want to walk away from the game:

* Rarely, town gates (doors) will mis-align and draw on a 45-degree angle, instead of 0 or 90. It functions, but it's wonky.
* Town dwellers, even assigned as guards, are pathetic. In the mid-game, I'm racing back to the town every 30 seconds to a minute to kill a zombie bug right next to my town dwellers. Sometimes they'll kill the bug, but not until several minutes have passed. It's ridiculous.
* More AI: The town gets attacked and the dwellers don't even notice, unless a monster comes within striking distance.
* Mid-game (halfway up the advancement ladder), I'm racing back to the town every few minutes to stave off some invasion. It would be nice if the town could take care of itself a little better. There would be more satisfaction in building a powerful town, rather than relying on the player to constantly race back and keep the town from burning down because all the creature guards got trounced and the villagers are wandering around while the town burns. I realize you want the player to be the hero, but jeez. And this is on "low stress" mode.
* Occasionally a teleport trap will stick me between a torch and a wall. Fortunately, I've had my personal teleport stone still active when this happened, but I thought Steven fixed this a long time ago.
* When questing to kill "Monster X" and I got to the place where the quest marker is, I search and find out that "Monster X" is now living in another map, it would be great if the quest marker could be updated.
* I have occasionally found a new teleport stone before mine is used. There has to be a flag to set in the game so this doesn't happen.
* I'm not a fan of the taunts. Maybe a switch in the future to turn that off? Since it seems my hero has a mystic cell phone, how about if I just block that taunting caller? :-)

I'm sure there are other little things that I'll rediscover later and I don't know if much of this will translate to Din's Legacy; I've only played a little of the early access game... enough to see Zombasite's influence.

Normally, I wouldn't bother commenting on a game this old, but I know Steven is still patching it and it's sharing a considerable amount of design and code with Din's Legacy.

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