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>> * I'm not a fan of the taunts. Maybe a switch in the future to turn that off? Since it seems my hero has a mystic cell phone, how about if I just block that taunting caller? :-)

Totally agree with this. You shouldn't be taken to a modal window and out of the game for a taunt. It gets very annoying. The fact that the UI element blinks until clicked on makes it impossible to disregard.

Here are a few UI ideas to deal with this:

* Make the icon stop flashing. Honestly flashing stuff is not enjoyable, and should only be used for absolute emergencies.
* Make it so hovering over the icon shows the message or some of it in a tooltip. This would allow us to avoid going into the modal menu.
* Make it so a right click dismisses the notification (not sure if it's the case currently).

An even better mechanism would be making a message queue that allows messages to build up, so we can get multiple messages at once (similar to the help icons), but this would require a lot more programming.
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