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I've been playing some Zombasite for the purpose of comparing to Legacy, and one thing I've noticed is that my NPCs are always getting unhappy. I figured out what it is -- I send them on expeditions because I'm low on supplies, and I'm on negative expedition points, which cause all my NPCs to go renegade.

I think this is a real problem. Expedition points should be capped at 0 -- otherwise you get trapped in this very artificial state that's also really confusing to someone who isn't knowledgeable, where NPCs get constantly unhappier. There should also be some way to trade food and potions with other clans, since you may be out of expedition points. Also, if you cancel an expedition (which is easy to do accidentally), you should get the points back. But they should never go negative, as it just doesn't make sense for all your NPCs to be this unhappy over an artificial scarcity construct.
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