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Minor crew enhancements:

1. auto-pay all crew and/or "pay to 100% happiness with single click for all crew"

2. more crew drops and/or more crew available for hire at planets

3. customizable crew career progression (so I can grow an engineer etc.)

Steal (um I mean, adapt) ideas from other games:

1. The impenetrable directional shield from [redacted] that lasts for a short time...this one system alone makes a great impact on gameplay. Use Q and E to rotate the shield...

1. More planetary health with self-repair: this is the Achilles heel of Drox 1: planets are tissue paper.

2. hunker down mode: planets have so much underground space for colonists to hide and wait out an assault.

3. Anarchy/Feral: planets awaiting planetary assault and/or have lost their govt. due to bombardment.


1. Let Drox settle or take over one or more planets. Perhaps the next evolution of the Operatives is to play the game as a king.

a. variant: play as a "stealth king": the planet appears to be part of another empire but actually does what you say.

Bounty Hunter missions (or even a game mode!)

1. Hunt down and kill "rogue" Drox Operatives.


1. fixed-axis weapons (forward firing only, for example): a missile pod, or spinal mount mass driver/laser)

2. strafe movement engine pod (a medium sized system required to use fwd firing weapons effectively). activate it and left/right movement becomes strafe movement for entire activation period

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