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Smile Modding the ingame "clock" and disabling quest


1. Can I lower the rate at which quests are generated?

In my experience the rate is too fast. I feel forced to press Pause everytime I'm in town trading or looking at my recruits. It also prevents me from enjoying dungeons because most quests that have to do with escorting someone out of a dungeon or collecting ingredients on level 2+ can never be completed before other things pile up and the water is poisoned, and the warmaster is dead, and and... I love the rhythm in the game but not the urgency.

EDIT: Alternatively, you might consider using a slower ingame "time" when the player character is in town or interacting with a merchant. Perhaps it is already the case? I have the same issue in Skyrim. After a good day adventuring, I'll let my character sleep if I'm in "RP" mood, then I will do some cratfing and random errands, expecting to leave town before noon for another day of adventuring... but then it's already night time and all I did was walk around and interact with NPCs.

2. Will this affect the new recruit spawn rate?

This is a big part of the game's appeal imho. Checking out new recruits to see if they have a really nice skill combo. Taking them out for a test drive.

3. Can I increase the chances for the bonuses on recruits?

Or is that based on level? I'm currently at level 41 and don't see these bonuses often.

4. Can I turn off a quest entirely?

I'm thinking of turning off the "siege" (Fire Towers) quest because of the really annoying sound, plus the fact that it takes you to an area where you usually have outlevelled monsters and loot. AND.. it's one of these that puts a blinking icon on your screen and you just can't ignore it.

5. Can I increase the item resale price?

Money is a big problem for me. Usually at level 41 I see from 50CP to 2SP drop individually, and otherwise all items sell for scraps. Coupled with the general lack of self heal and apparently the Health Regen mod is so weak, that means the gameplay is heavily potion based. I'm nearly always under 1G, and I am forced to pick up all the gray items, and go to town to empty the bags if I want to keep up. I think the game balance would benefit from being more choosy about what to pick up (as in Grindinggeargames's Path of Exile), but give good rewards when you sell rares or uniques.


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