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Going to try it out, or at least check the files. Wondering if its possible to only do a few of the changes. Much appreciated

Since I'm assuming these are going to be hardcoded, I might have to figure out how to cannibalize yours.

What I would be interested in is:
Game Changes

Slight increase here:
XP Level Requirements:
Faster leveling and higher XP rewards for killing Boss, Legend & Unique Mobs.

Skill Point Money Requirements Lowered:
Now a lot cheaper to re-skill.

Adventure Group Size:
Increased to 3 and Max Recruits to 6

Food & Potions

And their stack size has been increased to 20.

Skill Points & Attribute Points Per Level has been increased.

Slight increase here

Monster Respawn Timers:
Increased so you can now clear a map without getting harassed be re-spawns

Covenants Changes:
Slowed down power gain a bit
Less severe penalty's for rejecting demands.
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