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There are some buffs that are clearly meant to be kept on all the time, i.e. the cooldown is insignificant compared to their duration: Shield of Fire, Bravery, etc... With a three man party, recasting the buff every minute or so is just a pain in the neck. I would suggest the duration is increased by 10. If the cost has to be adjusted accordingly, so be it.


Every now and then, my party members and even guards take a strong dislike at my doors, and break them down. It may be happening when I accidentally damage the doors with a multi-target or area of effect spell or skill, which raises the question, why do my enemy only spells work on my doors?

----------- Post .92 patch ---------

When you attempt to disable the help, the warning message is still talking about a space ship, rather than a fantasy character.


When you mouse over an NPC's defense stat in their character sheet, you still see the player's parry/evade/etc... rather than the NPC's.
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