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Default Suggestions for race relation changes when helping races

It's already in the game that if you help defend race planets or ships, you'll get a bonus to your relations with them. But I've noticed that when I chase and destroy an enemy away from the defended planet/ship, I get no credit to my race relations for helping them, even though that was clearly the intent and effect of my actions.

Suggestion: Add race relation bonuses when you destroy enemies that were targeting or had inflicted damage on that friendly race within the past x number of seconds (probably in the range of 5-15 seconds).

Another suggestion: Add race relation bonuses when you destroy enemies that the friendly race recently targeted or damaged, similar to above (so you also get credit for joining in their attack on an enemy, even if you end up chasing that enemy away from the friendly race ship).

Disregard if this is already in the game, but I haven't noticed any effects like the ones I've suggested above, so if it's already supposed to be doing this, then it might need a tweak to make it more obvious to the player.


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