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Default [Question] A few points regarding some skills.

After a little bit of a pause from Din's Legacy to give it some time to mature i've again been having fun trying to find new builds to try out. During this process i did notice a few things that i figured i might remark on.

Spellsword - Lightning blade
I would have expected this skill to synergy with the Sorcerer's "Lightning Mastery" skill. The tool tip suggests it does not though. Is the tooltip incorrect / is the synergy missing / is everything working as intended?

Spellsword - Flametongue
Same as above, but for the Fire Mage's "Fire Mastery" skill.

Spellsword - Charged
The "Charged" tooltip seems to hint at a bit of an odd skill progression. At level 1 the tooltip states "-50% Physical Damage". At level 2 the tooltip suggests "-49% Physical Damage" which seems to be a rather meager bonus. Is the tooltip incorrect? Or is there another buff here? (For example, more charged orbs at higher levels?)

Commoner - Hunting Shot
I may be dead wrong on this one - reading the .GDB files isn't proving to be my strong point - but might it be possible that this skill isn't included in the Archer's "Projectile Mastery" and the hunters "Split Projectile" skill as a target?

And a little question regarding damage calculation...
And speaking of the Spellsword's Lightning blade skill - how does the damage calculation work for it?

- Is it using physical weapon damage and then converting that amount to lightning damage?
- Or does it use weapon damage +Physical Damage modifiers and then converting that amount to lightning damage?
- Or does it use both +Physical Damage modifiers (For the input calculation) and +Lightning Damage modifiers (For the output calculation) thus benefiting from both damage modifiers?

Thanks in advance for the assistance with this one!
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