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Originally Posted by Shadow View Post
I'll update the masteries to include Lightning blade and flametongue.

I just boosted Charged a little, but part of it is a rounding issue and the other is how numbers below 0 work in the game.

I believe projectiles mastery and split projectiles will work correctly with hunting shot.

Off hand I believe Lightning blade will work like like a physical attack and then change the damage to lightning at the end, but right now I'm running on very little sleep so I could be wrong.
Ah, thank you very much for that info!

Lightning Blade using physical damage... Now that actually makes for some interesting possibilities for a new build as there are a ton of skills that boost physical attack across the various classes. Pile on that its relatively fast so it should pair well with a slow but heavy damage two handed weapon for some extra damage. Add in that it had three hits a strike so trice the possibility to trigger support skills that activate on hit... And of course the chance to roll a a nice random skill mutation for it as a kicker. Well, i think this may actually work out really well!

Compliments on the new skill system by the way - the extensive cross classing and random mutations on both skills and characters will keep me entertained for a LONG time. Fiddling with skill builds is how i managed to get 211 hours in Zombasite and god knows how many hours in Din's (direct purchase, no steam time for that one). At least you know you did something right if you somehow entice a player to spend two hours in the character creation screen just making notes on interesting skill combinations that could warrant creating yet another character.
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