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Originally Posted by Destro* View Post
You can also use cast speed on lightning blade and Flametongue since they have the spell flag, which makes them even better than berserk in some cases (cause they are ranged abilities)
I didn't even consider that option yet, thanks! Though i now wonder if the build would actually work.

I was considering to pair Lightning Blade (Spellsword) with the Inspire Greatness (Minstrel) aura and the temporally Rampage (Reaper) buff for increased (melee) attack speed. And then padding the build out with the various passive / support skills in order to have them proc as often as possible. And of course skills such as Blade of Darkness (Dark Templar) for added damage and Multi-Strike (Blademaster)to hit even more targets.

That said i am now kind of wondering if lightning blade counts as a melee attack or if its considered (only) a spell. (In which case Multi-Strike and melee only support skills wouldn't synergize). I should probably dive into the gdb files some more as it wouldn't be the first build i make that's based on faulty assumptions.

That said it wouldn't be too much of an issue though as i suspect i could swap it out with the berserkers relentless strikes skill to similar effect (Though lightning blade would be superior).
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