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Originally Posted by alstein View Post
I love this game level 1-25, it becomes a lot less fun past that.
I'm a fan of low levels because I'm not into high-stress (I just published a book coaching people about stress -- and here I am playing computer role-playing-games. How's that for funny?), and because I enjoy watching a character concept build. I get bored easily. I have one level 45ish, 1 at level 23, 1 level 20, 1 level 17.... the list goes on from there. The one I took to level 45 (without cheating on xp) is my covert-ops character because it's much more fun to me to see how long i can get away with being directly under the noses of monsters doing my tomfoolery than it is for me to bash their skulls in. That's one reason I'd like to see a bit more experience for more than just personally creating a mess on the floor; rewarding crafty play as well as hack-n-slash. I liked the "discovery" XP in Depths of Peril for simply finding a new area for example. I love the "scout Level 5" quests because it rewards me just for making it that far. Figuring out where the secret rooms are. Clearing a room without shooting a single critter (whether I explode barrels or take out a support beam or get creative with slight-of-hand....)

To me the game is a puzzle, not a way to let off steam. I like having a strategy beyond "get monsters out of the way quickly so I can move on". If I think of a new character concept/combo that might involve MORE strategy, I stop what I'm doing and make a new character to see if my idea pans out. Occasionally I have to delete characters that aren't as much fun to play, or my play screen gets too crowded.

I often play low stress because of that -- so I can either take my time and screw around with world dynamics or so I can speed past the monsters and delve deeper quickly to cash in quests. I'm not into first person shooters etc. because they simply reward people for being able to kill quickly. That's not my schtick.

*Cough* Talking about "Low stress" -- our first Demon War game together my son decided to try a 100-Wave-Invasion-Quest. At first the waves were almost 10 minutes apart. I griped that the game would take 13 hours. Then they were 4 minutes apart. That started hurting. They moved to less than 1 minute apart way too soon. Thankfully he chose a game level at half our current level, and he was playing a necromancer/defender so he had a mob. I was setting up lures at all the edges of town, just to hold them off while we ran up -- but they started pouring in from a side without any letting up -- you couldn't tell one wave from the next any more. He took a stand in the town, I ran into the dungeons to cure plagues and poisons etc. that were going on, and we made it just past the 50th wave by some miracle. It was so stressful when I walked away to make lunch my hands were shaking. Obviously not a feature really meant for a 2-person game.

I think the escalation should be more smooth. Just a thought. We made it through quite a number of waves that were on top of each other. I'd say it became very stressful around the 20th wave, and the only reason we made it to the 50s is because my son was bright enough to talk to the Warmaster which kept him from running off into combat. He slipped up, stopped talking to the warmaster who ran off into combat and perished. Dumb Warmaster. Before then everyone else had died. I tried defending the warmaster, but with a rogue/hunter, crowd control is not my forte.

I'm probably getting too old for that type of stress. I think I was too old for that type of stress in my 20s.
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