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I got how the mda and mds files work, so my questions are about the mdm file.

1. Looking at the mdm files, the first section after the header does nothing in files for objects (even ones with skeletons) but does have a little bit of content in files for more complex things like monsters. This is the section before the polygons are laid out, and I can't figure out what it does. It seems to have some offsets and some other numbers.

2. Then, the mdm file has another optional section that's only available for complex objects. This section appears in the end, and there's a uint32 number for every vertex in the object. Not sure what this does either.

Those are the main things I couldn't get, but there are 2 more minor things:

3. The section that I believe has U,V and normal values per vertex has the format (I think) {float u; float v; float norm_x; float norm_y; float norm_z; uint32 number; uint32 count} where number is usually 1, 2 or 3, and count is a count of vertices that skips number from the last count. Not sure what the number and the count are for.

4. The vertex section has the format {uint32 surface; float x; float y; float z; float unknown;} and I'm not sure what unknown does. I think it's the vertex magnitude with respect to the surface but I'm not sure.
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