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The mdm format is below but it is probably easier to write out to our skl format and then use our skelConvert tool in the SDK. Skelout is a relatively simple text format.

Mdm format:

int32 identifier
int32 version;
int32 numSurfaces
int32 numTris
int32 numVerts
int32 surfacesOffset
int32 trisOffset
int32 vertsOffset
int32 weightsOffset
int32 collapseMappingsOffset

For all of the surfaces:

int32 surfaceNumber
int32 numVerts
int32 numTris
int32 vertsOffset
int32 trisOffset
int32 collapseMappingsOffset

For all of the tris:

int32 vertIndexes[ 3 ]

For all of the verts:

float32 u
float32 v
Vector3 normal
int32 numBones
int32 firstBone

For all of the vert/bone info

int32 boneIndex
Vector3 vertOffset
float32 boneWeight

Collapse mappings for each surface (these are the order to lose verts in the poly reduction stuff)

int32 vertIndex
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