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I vote to say goodbye to chaff/anti the current game build, would not consider using a precious slot on counter a single type of enemy weapon...even if it was excellent at its job.

Now a "wild weasel" or some sort of generic mimic system that drew *all* types of fire for N number of shots, or seconds duration? that might be interesting.

Speed/weapons/energy/shields/armor in whatever priority...all else is optional to me

other ideas on the item overhaul theme:

- weapon balance would be helpful:

i find the emp area effect weapon, fighter class escorts (due to the amazing stacking of up to 25 of the suckers), or mines/missiles to be the early weapons of choice.

...i'm past level 30 and see do not see the combat utility of standard beams yet coming close to area effect weapons. the beams target one enemy. lots of variety of beam weapons...but not really on par IMHO.

however i've read tales from veterans of the higher levels that talk about one-shot-ing my anti-beam comments may only viable for levels 1-30ish.

- beams that target the closest two enemies? that might be interesting

- "weapons group swapping" to let a player set up and swap between sets of weapons/components. Then one could install the area effect weapons when fighting a mob, then when dealing with a boss...swap in that high energy dual beam setup. Perhaps tie the total number of slots in a given weapon group to the engineering talent of the captain/crew.
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