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Originally Posted by Crisses View Post
Some of the weapons are based on actual military weapons, like flak. You'd think in the space age that tech would take them to the next level. But hey, that's me...

Correction: Flak does seem to work, but when an enemy is shooting 3 missiles at you, it's hard to tell the Flak has eliminated 1/3 of the missiles. By the time you're shooting, the missile is on your tail and you don't know whether it exploded on you or from Flak. Flak should be more like Chaff in having several "objects" but should not last until hit--just a second, so it should take out a bundle of missiles in an arc around the ship, not just one. Hard enough to time using it...
Actual flak systems are used as an area of denial weaponry. They'd be the space-born equivalent of carpet-bombing an area around your ship to prevent any ordinance (or small craft) from passing through it. They're only marginally *aimed* in the traditional sense.

That's why I suggested having their functionality changed entirely. Instead of a directed, single-shot projectile weapon, have them be a toggled system that places a radial band out in the direction of the mouse cursor that defeats any missiles that attempts to pass through it. While active it consumes a reasonable amount of power, and for full 360 degree coverage it would take *many* of them. Damage-wise it would be extremely effective against missiles, moderately effective against drones (what I call all launched craft), and mostly ineffective against other ships.
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