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Default Дракон В Мрака, a stealth ship

I believe that the ultimate stealth ship can be built from a Drakk hull, not a Shadow one. Of course, the means that you do not have a stealth ship until you find a cloak that will work on something other than a Shadow ship. I took me 'till level twentish to do so. Here's a screenshot of DPAKOH B MPAKA at level 25:

Here's a another screenshot at level 71. At this point, aimed attacks are practically always critical, and for a brief time after uncloaking, even area of effect attacks are usually critical. The fighters main role is to provide a defensive screen, which is why I use stealth fighters despite having access to much harder hitting small craft.

By the way, the above screenshot has been taken while cloaked, to show off the high criticals. Of course, six seconds after the ship uncloaks, the critical hit chance goes down.
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