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Default Big Bad Brunt, Command 460

This is by far my most powerful ship. It's a Tactical 45, Command 460 Brunt. No mods whatsoever.

The ship is ridiculously easy to play. The laser and virus chew through anything that is not a boss or a race ship in under a second. Nothing lasts more than two-three seconds. The shockwave is on auto-fire and fires four times per second - missiles and MIRV pods are not a problem if you can keep them coming from one side.

With 17,000 armor, and ~900 armor repaired per kill, survival is not a problem. Energy regeneration is not a problem when every weapon takes less energy to fire than you get back if you hit. With attack of 7,500, missing is rare.

This ship can be improved quite a bit. I have not given every component the full Fringe treatment. There's at least 1,500 power load to shave off, and the armor components could be better. But what's the point? Unless Shadow lets us generate sectors at level 100-150, there's not much this ship has to worry about.
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