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I'm back after a lot of time to say that I'm intrigued by Zombasite because there is too much zombies around and I simply don't care about another videogame on this theme. On that, my impression is that you miss a train here: few years ago all was about zombies, now.. meh :-/

Anyway about the future for me the "dream" is DOP2 with improved graphics, mechanics, polishing and better clan management growing, even between "games", something like "clan legends" that gives player bonuses / unlockable skills or items later on.

My 2 cents: look to spiderwebgames, there the trend was to build hardcore rpg, then move to more "casual" games and get more audience, with over time better and better games/assets. I think you are on the same line here: a lot of great mechanics and gameplay (I mean, unique!!) but lack of decent graphics (at least for 2020!) don't attract many players. If I remember correctly Din's Curse is not something you are proud of (maybe an interview?), but is somewhat the right path.. capitalize on your experience, expanding the world, etc..

What about something with a lot of DLC, like Paradox is doing?
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