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Originally Posted by Crisses View Post

1) Stuff catches on that I'm there pretty often. Even if I throw an immolation trap (hunter - appx level 4-5 trap) at a door a whole corridor away, I get the sound penalty. So the critters (that survive) pour out of the room and will find me around the bend. But at least they have to walk through the flaming door first Same goes for setting groups of barrels on fire. I throw the immolation trap and run like heck, even stealthed. I have to be a certain distance away to escape discovery -- not just out of sight. If those barrels explode, a bunch of hurt monsters are coming after me. How they know I did it is a mystery. But it does add spice to my 007'ing.
To me this is a bug. Here is my story:

I have a level 72 trickster/necro. I will find a locked door. I back way up away from door and throw a shuriken. Upon doing that my pets(5 raise dead)recognize the door as a target. Sometimes the shuriken throw will miss or not destroy the door. My pets rush in an bash it open. Then, instead of what has been locked in side just assuming that it was my pets that attacked it - I am spotted....way back here....behind a wall of baddies. That makes no sense and has to be a bug.

Only have my rogue up to 20, so don't know if this still applies at higher levels. If critters are zeroing in on my stealthed rogue (due to noise or what not), I un-stealth (if not already done so) to get things back to normal, then start to run away. If I can get around a corner without anything in sight, stealthing at that point will stop the mob from chasing your character.

Comes in very handy when shirikening the boss monsters from a distance, while near an intersection. But the important thing is to be visible to the boss, before running out of sight.
Yes, I use this tactic often. It was what I meant by "stealth tactics". If there is a darkness machine it makes it even easier. The champions, elites and bosses all have that aura around them. They stick out like a sore thumb in the darkness. You can target them on the corners of your screen. You can often get off numerous throws without being spotted and when you are just run back a little ways and re-cast stealth. You can also use objects around the dungeon to break LOS.
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