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Originally Posted by RoanokeKeeper View Post
1. Make recharge devices visible on map.
Wanted this myself, but you can set waypoint markers to guide you back to them. Right-click on the system map to set, shows on minimap, Left-click marker on system map or minimap to remove.

Originally Posted by RoanokeKeeper View Post
5. Sitting on planet has effect on targeting. Trying to hit attacker sometimes pops up trading screen, maybe because I miss the attacker and click on open space.
Try using the number keys to attack. You just need to hover the cursor over (not click) on an enemy to target it. Also, try fooling around with the game options "thrustors toggle" and "thruster cursor" to fly around (maybe you already did this?); and use W to start thrusting.

Originally Posted by RoanokeKeeper View Post
8. It took me a long time to figure out how important energy was.
This may be more apparent in the next patch. When your power overloads, you'll see it flashing at the upper right of your screen. Everyone will try to get rid of flashing, annoying text. But maybe more should be done to explain the problem?

The others on the list I can't address, but maybe someone else can chime in.
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