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I think it is an interesting model, but personally I don't like receiving money in return for a promise. I don't like this from both perspectives. From the gamer's perspective: there is really no guarantee that the game will be finished or a game that you will actually enjoy. Most indie games are never released. From the developer's perspective: you are now much more limited to what you can create because you have promised actual paying customers what you are selling to them.

We were joking about making a Train Sim game during the fan day (Steve did some artwork for Microsoft's Train Sim franchise). I said if I was doing it I would really quickly let you take the train off of the track which essentially makes it a really big truck and that any game we make in the future is likely to have a dynamic world. After thinking about it for a moment, it occurred to me that this now sounds a little like Grand Theft Auto. Well most people that prepurchased Train Sim are going to be pissed when they get Grand Theft Auto.
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