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I know what you mean. I think it is a tough challenge. Is it at all feasible though to have a mode called solo mode (mano y mano) or something like that that forces you and the computer to be the only member in the covenant. I think it would be awesome. You decide to be a badass and go into the brutal slayers covenant figuring you got 3 levels on him. While he's about to croak, you get the message that both the other 2 covenants are raiding you. It's 2 guys vs 1. You could call for help, but you know it wont be there, since it is solo mode. This would require a little luck and mostly finesse from the players part. In loner mode it requires a lot of luck and charm to make it so they dont pick you as the target. Solo mode would require more finesse because you can actually beat the raid back (if you are good enough). Maybe if this cant be done for depths of peril 1, it would be cool for dop2
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