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I haven't seen this mentioned yet, but shouldn't there be a baseline when testing this stuff? Like, dungeon levels must be the same as the character, or always at +5 or something. Otherwise results and impressions get warped; one player basing findings on dungeon levels of char+10 and another on char+3.
Anyway, I'd expect things to be difficult if I select a dungeon that's level char+10. Wouldn't rebalancing that simply shift the problem to dungeon levels of char+15 ? And how will this affect end-game, where you can't increase dungeon levels past 100 anymore? I've always thought that the game should be balanced for fun factor and difficulty at dungeon level char+0; if you can't survive on char+10 you either aren't ready for that or the char setup is wrong.

Sorry if I simplify things too much here, but given the bewildering amount of variables in play here I sorta have to.

Sofar I've played mostly melee chars and yes, it can be tough, but part of the fun is trying to figure out ways to get the bastard that can kill you so easily. Use the scenery, use potions, farm items, switch stuff around through the shared stash, whatever. In the end I always get them.

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