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Lightbulb *MOD* Casually Perilous *MOD*

Hi Everyone.
I've only recently been exposed to the greatness that is "Depths of Peril".
What a brilliant hidden gem of a game it is. I never expected this game to be much more that a passing phase, that would last a couple of hours before I would move on to the next game on the list. but man was I wrong!

This game is insanely addictive to say the least, but I always seemed to hit sticking points. Whether it was not having enough money for pots & food or just getting stomped by the other Covenants because I was running around under geared! (yeah I know I suck at the game.) So I decided to see if i could re-balance it to suit my failing gaming skills
And so "Casually Perilous" was born.

Game Changes

Item Drop Chances:
Has been ramped up to drop more magic or better loot, more often.

Has a higher chance to include money in loot drops and at increased amounts.

XP Level Requirements:
Faster leveling and higher XP rewards for killing Boss, Legend & Unique Mobs.

Skill Point Money Requirements Lowered:
Now a lot cheaper to re-skill.

Adventure Group Size:
Increased to 3 and Max Recruits to 6

Food & Potions
Cost of Food & Potions has been greatly decreased.
And their stack size has been increased to 20.

Skill Points & Attribute Points Per Level has been increased.

Events have been slowed down and there timers increased.

Monster Respawn Timers:
Increased so you can now clear a map without getting harassed be re-spawns

Warriors Rage Skill:
Has been modified so that rage doesn't drain so quickly after battles.
Slightly increased amount of rage gained when hit.

Mage Skill Changes:
Cool-down Timer on Magic Shield decreased to 2mins.
Skill Duration increased to 2mins.
Damage absorbed Increased slightly.

Ice Storm lasts twice as long.

Covenants Changes:
Slowed down power gain
Easier trading due to equal trades giving good rep.
Less severe penalty's for rejecting demands.

Please download the .zip file, play it, and leave some feed-back.
To play the mod just download the ZIP file attached and put it in your Depths of Peril, Assets folder.
It still needs balancing but any suggestions to better the Mod would be welcomed.

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