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Thanks for the in depth breakdown! I didn't at all realize how the multipliers would affect them; haven't messed with many mage classes. I like the idea of separate scaling - would it be possible for the Might passives to apply different multipliers for different spells? I do like you system as you have it, especially with the mana cost trade-off, but only now realize the balancing problems.

Minor nitpick on mana cost - Frostbite has base 10 power cost *(equivalent to Ice Storm) AND per level mana cost scaling, AND is affected by Frozen Might. You might consider dropping it from the Frozen Might skill - it becomes insanely expensive for a single target debuff! Ice Prison has the same problem.

As far as biting off more than you can chew, yeah, maybe, but most of your changes are really solid! Shadow is probably really busy with the new game, but he might shed light on creating a new stat for AoE damage

EDIT: After playing to 25 and reaching higher levels of Int/Spirit/Mana Regen, that mana costs are entirely negligible even with Frozen Might, Mana Shield, and several draining auras - I should probably play a mage more before I give any feedback.

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