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Default Mod to always drop 16 slot bags?

I recently got back into playing Din's Curse and I'm trying to make a mod where every monster I kill always drops a bag but I'm having trouble:

So I made modBags.gdb in /Database/Items

modBags overrides BaseBag
	Base		BaseItem

	ItemType	Bag

	BaseOnly	1

	ModifiersAllowed	0

	LevelRequirement	1

	ModelName	Models/Items/bag.mdl
	UseModelName	Models/Items/Items/bag.mdl
	DropSoundName	Sounds/Items/bag.wav

modBags overrides Bag7
	ItemLevel	1

	Size		16

	SpawnChance	100.0
Then I made modBags.gdb in /Database

modBags overrides SpawnSystem

ItemNormalChance 100
ItemCommonChance 15
ItemUncommonChance 100
ItemRareChance 100
ItemVeryRareChance 100
ItemSetChance 100
ItemUniqueChance 70
ItemArtifactChance 25
ItemLegendaryChance 25

I understand that for those particular bags to drop I'd have to mod the drop rate of normal items in general too but that's about it.

Not sure what I'm doing wrong? I would just like the monsters to drop bags without affecting the drop rates of anything else (I'm not looking for more Legendaries or for it to suddenly get in the way of Legendaries dropping for example).

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