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Red face The "Help me Buy it" thread!

Every forum has one of them. Heck, we might have one and I've just missed it (read: didn't look).

Ok, I liked Depths of Peril, love Din's Curse, skipped Kivi's. Din's curse rocks the socks because it is random, frenetic, and, to me, kind of neat to look at.

Drox looks very interesting. I like the change in scenery. Played the demo and didn't get struck by its potential. My thin observations:

- I did a lot of flying in circles
- I did a lot of flying from one planet to another
- The UI is too much like Din's Curse to me. Feels wrong. I know, it's UI.

+ Mind, I looove the 'splosions
+ And the same diplomatic involvement as Depths
+ And randomness

But, I just haven't gotten the bug yet. I know I'm missing something. Lots of you love it.

Can I be converted?

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