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Sure np...I thought exactly the same thing about X3 until finally I just said heck with it and dived in. 3 weeks later I realized I played an entire big vacation away

I've only played to level 30 so far so the following is really just rookie talk:

Regarding the rushed feeling, complication, and moderate to high response/reflexes/clicking required:

a. the pause button works just fine (at least in single player)...i've sometimes used it to take a breather...should allow a careful gamer to pause and consider as needed.

it can be sort of a turn-based game *since you can map the Pause button to a convenient key and engage it at will*

launch a weapon, conduct trading, gobble a "health potion", calmly manage inventory or consider the Race relations etc. before beginning time again

b. look at that cloud of enemies...which should i attack?

- I might suggest trying to play using fighters, and area effect weapons like the tasty EMP. I have a dual emp/drakk carrier that doesn't take much in-battle micro-management except for the launching of fighters/swapping of fighter components to replenish the mixed squadron.

- miner-49er: another solution is to gather a big group of enemies behind your human ship and given them a pair or three of mines/bombs: no targeting issues, just swoopy piloting and fair timing.

c. do all those factions on the Relationships screen look complicated?

...heck with it...just play the action game and pick the first race(s) that occupy your first system to be your friend and do quests for them. So long as they also pick friends and get can keep on trucking. Then once they have a buddy...start doing quests for the buddy.

cheesy way to getting a friend: draw neutral ships back towards a planet and then help kill them in close orbit. oh what a great Operative! thanks for getting my colony ship toasted by that missile! let's sign a non-aggression pack immediately.

First friend going to get trashed? Time to find another friend. The one time I tried to stay "loyal" to my first friend (whom I rushed to Alliance with before meeting any other races)...we immediately ran into a 3-race hostile cluster...then it was 17 real life hours of fighting retreat before my ally perished and I was left alone in the universe. Still was one of the best, gripping, game experiences in recent years.

d. the tons of clicking...argh. I got a good case of mouse wrist from years of playing the Diablo II game...the resolution was switching to the Evoluent Verticalmouse 4. While not as precise as a normal has taken a ton off the wrist stress.
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