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Okidoke. I'll compile as I go. But, I do want to share some of the bigger bugs I found along with my first impressions.

Bug 1: Some areas will reward the 'explored' experience bonus multiple times. I'm not sure what the trigger is for this, but I know that leaving an area for a while and returning is what was necessary to get the experience bonus to be awarded again. Probably worth looking into since I was getting like 3k+ experience an area for some of the special areas of my world.

Bug 2: Sometimes when creating a new area I get put into a completely black map where I can't move. This has happened many times, so it's fairly repeatable. I know that I had the 'Chaos' encounter for the second time it happened, so might be worth checking.

Bug 3: This has happened twice. But, basically, my character save will duplicate as a new record with no name associated with it. If I do go play that duplicated save, my name gets set. And, if I save, it will update the original save game record that has a name associated with it while ignoring the record with no associated name. A really strange bug for sure that I have no idea how you'd fix. But, there you have it!

Bug 4: If you accept somebody in you party and they get infected and then you leave the area, then the notification that they are infected will remain on your screen even in the next area. Yet, there is no way to interact with that person.

Bug 5 (maybe): It doesn't seem like the classes to the left, right and below of Necromancer (aside from Minstral) are unlockable? If they have special conditions that are different from the other mutations, then please ignore this. (no spoilers) But, I did a crapton of mutations by power-leveling new blight necromancers and didn't unlock them. And, I didn't see anything on the steam forums about this, so I wanted to make a mention here.

Bug 6 (maybe): Combos seem to not generate properly for all abilities. I mean, one time on my char I was rolling with a 200% multi and could keep it up consistently by alternating skills. When it's at 0%, though, I can't seem to generate even 1%. Does it not show up unless you get over a certain percent? I'm not sure.

Feedback time!

Feedback 1: Rewards need added to winning encounters! I'm guessing that chests/material rewards haven't been implemented yet.

Feedback 2: Town NPCs should get a defensive buff. As your level goes up, I noticed that they are just way too squishy for you to beat the 'let no npcs die' encounter, unless overleveled....

Feedback 3: I know many people had problems with too many quests in the past, but now I feel that there are too few now. You get like 1-3 an area. It would be nice to get 3-5, as leveling feels extremely slow without quests, even on very fast pace.

Feedback 4: Petition to get health/mana values listed above globes. (Sorry if I missed the option but I didn't see it.)

Feedback 5: I'd really like a convenient way to delete all of my worlds in-game without going through each one one by one. (Currently, going to windows explorer is about the only way to do it efficiently).

Feedback 6: At first, I really disliked the slopes onmaps. But, after seeing that they actually change movement speed, I came to love the extra tactics that they bring to the game. Still, I feel that are overused and overdone. Every area has crazy slopes and it would be nice to have some areas with not so crazy slopes. A bit more diversity in this regard would be very welcome!

That's the realistic change. In terms of 'dream-like' changes to terrain, I have two. First, I'd really love to see actual cliffs and cliff faces. With the huge increase in monster density in Din's Legacy, corners have become more important than ever. So, the corner of a L-shaped cliff edge would be a very welcomed strategic point. And, the same can be said for sporadic cliff walls to hide against.

The other thing I'd really like to see are more large projectile obstructing objects. Again, the monster density is really high in Din's Legacy, so positioning to block projectiles is very important. Large trees, massive boulders, ruined walls, etc. could all be very helpful for helping to block projectiles.

Feedback 7: Ambushes should be toned down. Again, mob density is higher, so chained ambushes are happening more frequently. I personally like the free experience. But, I don't think the mechanic is balanced for difficulty/exp for the average player.

To give a bit of an idea of where my pacing suggestions are coming from, I played for like 4 hours nonstop today and only reached level 11 on my hardcore character. I know that I have a lot to learn and am working on the most efficient strategies. But, I can't help but feel that this is a tad bit slow. And, imho, my clear speed on my character is not even that bad ^^ (poison arrow doing 25-33 damage a second (depending on the level I leave it at)).

Compliment Section:

I'm really loving many of the approaches taken toward diversifying each play through. And, the game has a lot of added incentives to explore areas and not log out/switch areas. The torches are really interesting imho. And, I hope that more scrolls get added in the future. I love that clutter was added pretty much everywhere and some finds (like the treasure hunting potion) surprised me quite a bit! Haha. Combos are neat and, yeah, just lots of goodies in this game. Can't wait for it to be a bit more polished!

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