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Originally Posted by Shadow View Post
I tried making each tile have a random UV offset, which worked fine to get rid of repeating tiling issues, but it forced the need to blend neighbor tiles even if they were the same texture as the current tile. This slowed down the game quite a bit.
Surprising that it's that expensive. The article I saw suggested using a fragment shader that sampled from both textures and mixed them based on distance. That shouldn't be that bad, right?

I also tried adding a few more variants of the burned textures by adding a couple flipped versions of the textures that are already there. It helped a bit, but really the textures just need to be replaced since they don't tile very well.
That texture is fairly uncommon (except when your town starts out that way), and it's also fairly dark so it's kinda hard to see. Flipping it a little might be enough.
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